Welcome to PsychOne

When problems arise, people often seek advice so as to better deal with the situation. At Psych One, we provide you with direct answers to your questions along with an understanding and empathy that is real.

Each week we talk with people who are experiencing a variety of emotional and life problems.  At Psych One we avoid the use of technical jargon and approach problems in a practical manner. We want you to have a clearer picture of the issues, as well as, the solutions to them.

During your first and subsequent visits with the doctors and educators of Psych One we will discuss your concerns confidentially with the sensitivity, maturity and understanding that can only develop from years of work in our fields. We have counseled thousands of people during our nearly 30 years.

You may have heard about one of us through someone. Over 70% of our referrals come from someone who has seen us for counseling or who has known someone who has seen us. The next group of referrals come from doctors, ministers, lawyers and other professionals who know of someone whom we have helped.

At Psych One we are dedicated to helping people be happier and function more effectively in the world. We look forward to working together with you or someone you know.

We are located at:

130 Harrison Street
Barrington, IL  60010

Please contact us at: 847-382-5688.