We are trained in the latest, most successful psychological and educational methodologies to help people better deal with a variety of life issues. Whatever the issue, we help people differentiate between what is important versus what is not important. We provide people with clear information and tools to achieve their goals whether the issue is:

  • very specific–such as performing better on a placement test or deciding which college to  attend
  • less specific–like how to communicate better with a spouse or being a more effective parent
  • more abstract–such as dealing with depression or anxiety

At Psych One we are dedicated to helping people effectively function in the world. We look  forward to working together with you or your loved one.

Our professional staff works with clients in many areas:

  • Assessment: personality, emotional and educational
  • Counseling: individual, couples and family
  • Health Psychology: pain and stress management
  • Executive Coaching: executive issues that affect productivity, success and happiness